Tuesday 06th of December 2016
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Garage Door Openers, Garage Remotes, by Genie, Liftmaster and more

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Multicode 3089 garage door remote

This Multicode garage remote model 3089 is programmable using 10 2-position dip switch array, and operates on 300 Mhz frequency.

1-Channel Visor Transmitter
Also know as multicode:3089-11, multicode:ef4x, linear:3089, multielmac:3089, multicode:MCS308911, linear:EF4X

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  • Item brand Multicode
  • Item model 3089
  • This remote has 1 button
  • Includes visor attachment
  • Dimensions: 3.75x2.5x.875
  • Batteries included
  • 10 DIP switches with 2-position
  • Frequency: 300 MHz
  • Instruction and manual included
  • Orders processed before 10AM PST will be handled and shipped same day
  • Call (800)881.7998 for Tech Support 10AM-3PM PST Mon-Fri or leave a message over the weekends and off hours

Found 24 remotes compatible with 3089

5 Keypads compatible with 3089

12 Receivers compatible with 3089

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  • To complete a remote door opening system, you`ll need remote and reveiver and possibly a keypad. To the right, you`ll find matching items which will work with remotes model 3089 you have selected to view in detail.
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